Fairview Hospital RMH Room

Cleveland Ohio


Team MMF was invited to serve the Fairview Hospital RMH Room.  The NICU advisory panel presented the MMF at their September meeting and saw the value that the MMF brings to the families of medically fragile children. 

Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital

RMH Room 

Cleveland Clinic Campus

Kenzie & Kyra

MMF Teen Volunteers

Welcome to the RMH Room


Maryssa's First Home

MMF Team

NICU Blessing Bag Delivery

Kenzie and Kyra

Team MMF

Dinner 1

Dinner 2

Dinner 3

Dinner 4

Dinner 5

Dinner 6

Dinner 7

Dinner 8

Santa 1

Santa 2

Santa posing with Mindy and Nurse Rachel

Santa 3

Santa 4

Santa 5

Santa 6

Santa 7

Santa 8

Santa 9

Santa 10

Santa 11

Santa 12

Santa 13

Santa 14

Santa 15

Santa 16

Santa 17

Santa 18

Santa 19

Santa 20

Santa 21

Santa 22

 Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center


Ronald McDonald House Outreach

                                                                                                              Cincinnati,  Ohio



Team Maryssa traveled to Cincinnati for Mitch's Commencement.  We thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the completion of his Masters Degree, where his academic journey began...in Cincinnati.  During our trip we were able to stop in to the hospital and bless the families staying at The Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati.   It was an enjoyable evening of great food, painting, crafts, and giveaways.   Each family left with a goody bag full of items that they may need at the hospital and a handmade quilt from our wonderful partners at Rainbow Quilters Guild in Strongsville, Ohio.  We look forward to returning to this area to "Be the blessing we prayed to receive™."

 Ronald McDonald House Outreach

                                                                                                                        Cleveland,  Ohio



Team Maryssa ventured out to bless the families staying at The Cleveland Ronald McDonald House for an evening of dining, painting, crafts, and giveaways.  These families were being cared for at multiple childrens hospitals in our areas including Rainbow Babies and Children and Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.  Each family left with a goody bag full of items that they may need at the hospital and a handmade quilt from our wonderful partners at the Providence Church Quilting Ministry.  We ended the night with painting crafts and desserts.  

Maryssa's Mission Team
Unloading Supplies
RMH Grounds
Outdoor Pond
Dinner 1
Chef Dori's Vegetarian Dish
Dinner 2
Dinner 3
COO Rachel Preparing the Salad
Mindy and Mitchell Rivas
Chef Dori
Kyra and Makenzie
The Ladies of MMF
Meal Prep
Rachel & Mindy
Team MMF at Work
Grounds Pic 2
25 Year Volunteer Garden
Team Maryssa Tour

Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital Outreach- April 30, 2016

-Cleveland, Ohio-


We fed,  fellowshipped, and blessed over twenty families that were admitted into the NICU.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital, OH - April 12 & 13, 2016
Memorial Service & Making a Difference Award Recognition Banquet
This trip started off as a reflection of Maryssa's life.  The banquet was a humbling experience for the foundation to be nominated for this award.  We were surrounded by many families that have experienced life-changing care from the wonderful staff at Cincinnati Childrens's Medical Center.  
A Heart Like Ava
Dr. Russel Hirsch
PAC Committee
Beth Moone
Mrs. Delgado
2016 Staff Winner
Maryssa's Mission Nominations
Our Beautiful Girl
Team Ava
Maggie Brennan
The Messer Family 1
The Messer Family 2
CEO Michael Fisher
Reception 1
Reception 2
2016 Making a Difference Awards
Mindy and Ronald
Ronald McDonald House
Maryssa's 5 Month Memorial
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