Maryssa's Updates

January 8, 2015
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Mason Campus

Today was a big victory for the Rivas family. Maryssa's SPICA full body cast was removed after being on her for 3 months.  As you can see she is very happy!

May 22, 2014

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Main Campus CICU


After an 8 hour surgery Dr. David Morales feels that Maryssa's first surgery was a success.  He explained that her heart is the size of a strawberry. He told us that she will have headaches for a little while till her body gets used to the new blood flow pattern.


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January 28, 2015



Today Maryssa became mobile.  She was given a theraputic stander device to get her used to bearing gravitational weight on her feet and legs.  This will begin the process of the healing that we are waiting for, to see our baby girl walk one day! 

February 15, 2015



We had a long weekend in Cincinnati.  Our report was short & sweet.  Maryssa's heart is doing amazingly well.  Our prayers are not to see the Operating Room in 2015.  Her legs and hip are in the Lord's hands.  Our Ortho Dr. left us hopeful saying that patients that recongnize their feet and legs have a higher percentage of walking as they get older.  We had never witnessed the miracle of Maryssa putting weight on her legs until we returned home.  Our God has the final word.  -Amen-


Oct./Nov. 2015

Cincinnati Children's Hospital 

Open Heart Surgery Procedure


UPDATE: Good evening prayer warriors I wanted to take this week in, have Mindy here with me, and make sure this was really going to go on before we presented our prayer requests and update to you. Our biggest victory this week is Maryssa is eating and growing, by doing this she avoided a G-tube surgery for now. The prayer request has always been focused on her healing, we now know what this will entail and are praying for the medical staff that the Lord has put in our path. As I have let you guys know Maryssa has been in the 20%-85% caused by the AVM's. These AVM's grow and spread like cancer and choke out her oxygenation for her blood. On her continued path, her heart could only sustain her body for approx. 30ish more days. She is no longer a candidate for her sequential surgery meaning that we have 2 options a start over or a heart transplant. We have the full support and peace having the surgeon undo her last procedure and reattempt to make her a 2-ventricle baby again. This surgery will be Tuesday 11/10/15 and take between 8-10 hours beginning at 6:30AM. Ironically this is also the last day that I will be paid until I go back to work. The enemy knows my mind can be consumed by my finances and I have already decided to stand against that and focus all my attention and prayers on Maryssa's healing. We need you to help us shake the Heaven's with prayer. We will be admitted into Cincinnati for most of the month of November with Mindy traveling back and forth to cover the home front duties. Thanks you for all the prayers & support. We will continue on to build our testimony here in Cincy for the next 4ish weeks. Be blessed, remember Maryssa is covenant blessed, covenant prospered, alive by grace, and sustained by prayers! Love you all. We will be having a family weekend and we will continue the updates on Monday. Love you all. Mitch & Mindy!

End of Duty: Maryssa reported to Heaven at 6:10 PM on November 13, 2015 with many of her family, prayer warriors, and loving Doctors, Nurses, and Surgical staff by her side.  Visitation 11/19 5-7pm with service afterwards. Burial 11/20 @10am House of Praise Church 4321 Elyria Ave. Lorain OH 44055

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