Maryssa's Testimony: 


Maryssa was a twin born 11 weeks early. She was separated from her twin sister and spent four months in the NICU at Cleveland Clinic Children's. At a small but mighty 2lbs 6 oz, she underwent her first heart procedure in her first 6 hours of life. The surgery was needed due to an uncommon cardiac issue known as TGA or transposition of the greater arteries. She underwent another cardiac procedure in October 2013. In April, the Lord set on our hearts to get a second opinion and on April 10, 2014, we learned there were more heart issues than we initially anticipated. This day we witnessed the direct hand of God working a healing in Maryssa's body. Her stent had become obstructed and miraculously, to keep her alive, her blood flow did something very unfamiliar to the team of Doctors that were observing her. They witnessed her blood flow crossed over from the Right Ventricle to the Left Ventricle through what we later found out was a small hole (VSD) chambered itself into the Left Ventricle and was able to defy gravity and get to the lungs to oxygenate a minimal amount of blood to keep her alive till her open heart surgery.  On May 2, 2014, she stopped breathing at home. We quickly learned that she had additional severe heart issues and was transferred 4 hours from home to Cincinnati Children's Hospital on May 6, 2014. Due to a rare combination of symptomatic Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Issues she had to undergo her 1st major open heart surgery on May 22, 2014. We stood by our faith and by the prayers that came in agreement with ours and with God's perfect will, her 8-hour surgery was successfully completed in 6 hours. Her heart was rebuilt using a DKS procedure and a Glenn Operation, meaning that her heart, unlike most people, became a 1-ventricle system, with its only function being to pump oxygenated blood to her body. Her oxygen saturations were still compromised until she could have her last open heart surgical procedure called a Fontan. An urgent hip surgery was performed on October 7, 2014. She was left to heal in a body cast until January 8, 2015. We still believed for a miracle that would allow Maryssa to walk one day. Her Orthopedic Surgeon advised us this may require multiple feet and leg surgeries in the near future. It was a blessing, with a lot of strenuous therapy, her therapist Sue let us see her walk with assistance.   Her next Fontan open heart procedure was scheduled to be performed in late 2015 or early 2016. As we understand, the Lord sometimes changes our course of action.  In October 2015 we learned that her 1-ventricle heart was no longer going to be able to sustain her body due to multiple AVM's that had formed near her lungs. On Nov. 10, 2015, Maryssa underwent her most extensive heart surgery.  Her Cardiothoracic Surgeon brought down the Glenn repair and rebuilt her heart into a regular 2-ventricle system. In its current condition, her heart would have only sustained her body for another month.  Her saturations had fallen into single digits because of these AVM's so this surgery seems to be a final attempt to save her life.  Little did we know that this would be Maryssa’s last surgery.  Unfortunately, her new heart was too strong for her body, and she was called to Heaven on November 13, 2015.  Her testimony has already influenced both believers and non-believers in the United States, Africa, Mexico, Cambodia, Great Britain, India, Japan, Haiti, and probably many countries that we did not even know are influenced by what the Lord is doing through her life. Our faith has been propelled forward knowing that The Lord promises to use ALL things together for good and that many will come to know the Lord through her testimony.  The Maryssa's Mission Foundation was organized in December 2015 to "Be the Blessing We Prayed to Receive."

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